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Forever Wild: Western Deserts

Forever Wild: Western Deserts

Forever Wild's commitment to environmental preservation is unwavering. However, due to a procedural delay, a portion of our ACCU project at Boodanoo Station was not registered in time to meet the stipulated 25-year minimum requirements set by the Clean Energy Regulator's guidelines. Despite this setback, approximately 5,800 tons per year of carbon is being effectively sequestered through our initiatives. These units, while not meeting the formal registration requirements due to a slight delay in the application process, represent a valuable opportunity to contribute to our conservation efforts. We employ the FullCAM technology assessment tool to accurately measure and track the carbon sequestration achieved by our project. This quantification is carried out in accordance with the Human Induced Regeneration (HIR) methodology. While these carbon units have not been registered as formal ACCU projects, the rigorous measurement and assessment methods ensure their credibility and impact.
Working in close collaboration with impact investors, Forever Wild's Wild Earth projects seamlessly blend philanthropic funds with private capital investment to drive nature conservation initiatives. This unique approach enables them to swiftly generate scalable solutions that our planet urgently needs. Forever Wild's strong partnership with the communities of the Western Deserts allows for the co-design of a pioneering model in wilderness landscape management, prioritising ecological and social equity alongside economic viability. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and decarbonisation, Forever Wild is dedicated to supporting stakeholders on their transformative journey towards a harmonious and thriving future.
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