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AirSeed: Cattai WetlandsAirSeed: Cattai WetlandsAirSeed: Cattai Wetlands
AirSeed: Cattai Wetlands

AirSeed: Cattai Wetlands

Leveraging cutting-edge drone technology, artificial intelligence, data-driven insights, and exclusive seed pod biotechnology, AirSeed maximises their impact on the environment by increasing carbon sequestration through global-scale reforestation.
Project ID: CattaiWetlands

This project aims to establish koala habitat and food trees, specifically swamp mahogany (Eucalyptus robusta) within the Cattai Wetlands. These wetlands experienced significant damage after bushfire and flooding events in 2019-2020.

Previously farmland, the 500 hectare Cattai Wetlands has been undergoing continuous restoration efforts for almost 20 years. A key focus of the project is the remediation of acid sulphate soils to protect surrounding waterways.

By introducing koala food trees to the region, the Cattai Wetlands will play a crucial role as a corridor connecting Coopernook State Forest and Crowdy Bay National Park, providing essential habitat and supporting the movement of koalas between these protected areas.

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