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Lifeblood Sculpture: Proof of ImpactLifeblood Sculpture: Proof of ImpactLifeblood Sculpture: Proof of Impact

Lifeblood Sculpture: Proof of Impact

"Lifeblood" embodies the intricate web of nature, drawing inspiration from Earth's winding rivers and their serpentine shapes. This sculpture symbolises the life force coursing through every living being, prompting contemplation on our obligation to safeguard our planet's vital ecosystems.

In choosing an appropriate carbon credit, Johannes favoured an Australian initiative: Jawoyn Fire in the Northern Territory. Guided by centuries-old traditions and modern scientific expertise, the Jawoyn Rangers have diligently cared for their land under the savanna burning program since the late 1990s. Based in Katherine, they oversee 16,000 square kilometres, including parts of the West Arnhem Land plateau. Their efforts encompass land, fire, and weed management, creating economic opportunities rooted in Aboriginal communities and traditional land practices. The ACCUs generated by this endeavour were purchased and retired, offsetting the emissions linked to the sculpture's creation.
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