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Individual Impact CertificateIndividual Impact CertificateIndividual Impact Certificate

Individual Impact Certificate

Purchasing this Busselton Jetty Impact Certificate contributes 25kg of CO2 to offset a portion of your emissions for your visit to the Jetty. To support the local environment is also contributes to the management of Sea Birds by assisting in untangling them from in and around the Jetty.


Upon purchase and download of your certificate you will be eligible for:
- 10% discount on refreshments at the Café
- $250 off the installation of a PLICO solar system
'Terms & Conditions apply to all'

The Average Australian emits 50kg of CO2e per day, your purchase contributes to a valuable Carbon Project in Western Australia.

The Busselton Jetty Environment Foundation makes a difference working to conserve our world class marine environment and unique marine life for the future of our oceans! Your purchase helps us implement important environmental projects and programs such as management of the sea birds.
0.025 tn
0.05 birds
*GST Excluded